As the sun rose on January 1, 2015, 12 team members and 2 team leaders found themselves waking on the face of Africa’s highest mountain. The team was mid-journey on the Machame Route, 7 day- a route up Mt. Kilimanjaro which is revered for its "intoxicating" views and supreme acclimatization benefits. Traveling a path through African rainforest, heather moorland, alpine desert, and eventually mountain face at extremely highaltitude, these 14 climbers experienced the true satisfaction that can only come when an incredibly large task is taken one step at a time.


The feeling of accomplishment is simply unparalleled when one knows that every breath, every step, and every day was arduous. 12 of the 14 climbers would reach the summit; the most courageous climbers being the ones who knew when to say, "I need to stop here" at Base Camp. We returned with 14 happy and healthy climbers, which equates to a 100% success rate. This team worked incredibly hard in order to support the Military Assistance Project, and the military personnel we serve. When all was said and done, this climbing team raised over $25K in proceeds for the Military Assistance Project! To say"we were grateful!" to the Climb Team and our sponsors is a gross understatement. This philanthropic endeavor was the final product of many hours, and many people's hard work, and MAP will always be thankful for our inaugural team!


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