Dear Friends:

In the beginning was the word, and the word was…. Adventure.

MAP didn’t set out to be a home for adaptive athletes. We had no idea we’d watch an Occupational Therapist walk in lockstep with a left arm amputee onto the summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, or see the strength of a below-the-knee amputee in a kayak who only needed the power of his arm strength against Class III and IV rapids. ...But we did. We didn’t intend to bridge the military divide, working together to achieve a mission.  ...But we did. We didn’t know we would begin to garner knowledge and skills that would allow us to travel safely and without bounds despite amputations and injuries. ...But we did.

We were just a Veterans legal services nonprofit, thinking outside the box. Not another 5K, we cried! My own training in outdoor leadership, coupled with a desire to create a fundraising platform which would provide annual support to MAP in its 501c3 format (we fund our legal services entirely with donations), led us to consider outdoor adventure in which Veterans and civilians could participate together.

From the start, our trips involved adaptive athletes and civilian supporters who lent a hand (sometimes a leg!) to their fellow teammates. We could not have imagined how much these extraordinary Veterans would teach us about the human spirit and resilience. Today MAP would be incomplete without its annual Donor Adventure Team, a venture which pairs adaptive athletes and civilian community partners. Whether you’re a previous sponsor or considering joining our team, we welcome you today. Thanks for your interest in our unique, one-of-a kind team. We hope you’ll consider joining us one day!

Adventure on,


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