Discharge Upgrades for dadt or Prior

“It’s a way of getting the government — that faceless entity — in some way to acknowledge the authenticity of my life and my contribution to the country.”

After the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010 was signed into law, the brave women and men of our military are able to serve without having to fear they will be discharged because of their sexual orientation. However, the battle has not ended for the estimated 114,000 veterans who were expelled from the military between WWII and 2011 for that very reason.

Many of those men and women were discharged with characterizations that were less than Honorable--General Under Honorable or Other Than Honorable (also known as Undesirable). These characterizations follow them for the remainder of their lives, reminding them of the painful experiences that led up to their discharge and disqualification from valuable federal benefits.

"It took a long time to realize I deserved respect.”

The Military Assistance Project, in partnership with the Mazzoni Center, has launched a campaign to bring awareness and legal support to veterans in the State of Pennsylvania in applying for discharge upgrades.  

If you are a service member discharged under DADT or prior for sexual conduct, please contact MAP's Intake Hotline at 267.449.6067.