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A Message from the Desk of Dianna Schwartz, Executive Director, Military Assistance Project

MAP provides pro bono legal services to our country's heroes. Many times these heroes have been unfair victims of the predatory lenders who camped outside a base during their years on active duty. Some of these heroes needed cash to put food on the table or keep the lights on, and were swayed to access money by offering security in their cars in the form of a title loan. Some heroes have debts with interest rates in the 800% range. Still other heroes are swaddled with financial commitments taken out while earning military pay but struggle to find a job now that they have transitioned out of the military; without the same earnings to match those commitments, the cycle of debt becomes imminent. Whatever the reason for debt is, MAP exists to set right the deficiency.

New in 2016, MAP's practice areas are expanding to include benefits appeals and discharge upgrades for qualifying veterans. MAP brings a new roster of experienced attorneys and volunteers to this area of the law, where unfortunately the need is great- and still unmet.

MAP's Adventure Team is the fundraising arm of our organization, and serves the important role as our biggest Partner in Philanthropy. Without our Partners, MAP could not do this important and ever-expanding work for our nation's heroes.

We are thrilled to invite you (and your family!) to join us in the Summer of 2016 on the rapids of the Rogue River. Paddle on!

Yours in Service,

Dianna Schwartz