Penn law celebrity bar night!

Penn Law's Veterans Law Project and Copabanana at 40th/Spruce are teaming up this November to celebrate Veterans Day! Join Penn Law's best guest bartenders between 10pm and midnight on Wednesday, November 9th 2016. There will be...

Sixpoint specials!
Raffles prizes from Seraphim Philly
Live DJ!

Tips go to support the Military Assistance Project

See you at Copabanana
4000 Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA

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Sarah Lee

Sarah is a 2L at Penn Law, by way of Orange County, CA. Prior to starting law school, she spent eight years in the work force, including five years as a congressional staffer. Sarah has over a decade of experience serving veterans and is the current director of Penn Law's Veterans Law Project. 


Zach Feldman

Zach is a 1L from Livingston, NJ. Prior to starting at Penn Law, he was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Georgia. Zach says: "I volunteer to help veterans because it is an honor to serve those who protect my freedom and security. I hope to join the JAG Corps after graduation."


Elizabeth Kelly

Elizabeth is a 2L JD/MBE student from Massachusetts who came to Penn Law by way of health policy studies and work in Washington D.C. Elizabeth is new to the Veterans Law Project, but has officially started her first case and can't wait to do more. Fun Fact: Elizabeth has the same birthday as Mickey Mouse!