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The best definition of a veteran is a person who, at one point, signed a blank check to the US government for an amount up to and including their life. It is our honor as educated legal and financial professionals, to help in any way we can those who struggle with equal access to justice. The time commitment depends on the individual’s level of knowledge in the area.

From a practice standpoint, MAP utilizes the law as an instrument of mental health healing through the provision of free legal services to veterans from all branches of service thus eliminating barriers to top-notch representation that would otherwise be inaccessible due to affordability. Since its founding, MAP has provided Pro Bono bankruptcy representation to hundreds of service members.

Diversifying our practice area offerings from 1 to 8; today, MAP’s work includes filing Chapter 7 bankruptcies, marking IRS accounts non-collectible (i.e. for separated service members struggling to obtain employment), making Offers in Compromise on past due IRS liabilities, appealing VA benefit decisions, requesting waivers for VA and DoD overpayments, discharge upgrades on bad paper, and Camp LeJeune water contamination claims.

The Consumer Law Division at Military Assistance Project provides free legal services to veterans and active service members facing financial crisis. Volunteer legal professionals will provide services to clients with consumer debt and tax issues. Analysis is conducted to determine whether a client would be better served by some financial planning or through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If filing for bankruptcy would provide the client with a fresh start, MAP volunteers will work with the client on the preparation and filing of the petition. MAP volunteers also accompany clients to the 341(a) Meeting of Creditors and provide other services necessary in connection with obtaining the discharge in bankruptcy including motions to avoid liens. In extraordinary circumstances, MAP attorneys may represent clients in an adversary proceeding, but all MAP bankruptcy clients are no-asset clients so these proceedings are atypical.

Veterans Administrative Law covers all benefits provided by the US Department of Veterans Affairs as well as discharge upgrades within the individual military departments (Department of the Air Force, Department of the Army, or Department of the Navy). Legal representation in applying for these benefits provides immeasurable assistance in getting veterans access to benefits which they may not have been able to get on their own. The areas of practice within Veterans Administrative Law provide the greatest assistance to homeless and low-income veterans. Not only will a volunteer be able to help someone who put their life on the line in service to our nation, but some of these veterans have amazing stories that they love to tell.

By following the link to the Volunteer Form, both legal and financial professionals can express their interest to work with Military Assistance Project.


From interviewing service members to collecting records to writing the brief, an attorney may spend an average of 30 hours over the course of three to four months getting a case ready to be filed.